MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: The Make It Rain Campaign.

Even with E3 currently going on, that doesn’t stop MMOs from holding seasonal events. It’s time to see what Final Fantasy XIV’s  latest event is!

How do you take part in the event?

To take part in The Make It Rain Campaign, you must be level 15 in any role and have completed one of these three quests: The Gridanian EnvoyThe Ul’dahn Envoy or The Lominsian Envoy. If you do fulfil these requirements, head over to the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah and speak with the Dismayed Maiden, who will then give you the quest Trouble in Paradise.

Image source: Final Fantasy XIV’s Lodestone site.


What is the event?

The first quest you can complete for this event is Trouble in Paradise in which you have to help the owner of the Golden Saucer, Godbert Manderville, uncover the truth behind two ghost haunting the Golden Saucer. This quest won’t take much time to complete, especially if you are familiar with the layout of the location. The second quest, Love and Kupo Nuts, involves you helping two Moogles whilst they are on their date at the Golden Saucer. Again, this quest doesn’t take long to complete but it is also repeatable. Aside from these two quests, this event also increases the amount of Manderville Golden Saucer Points (MGP) for the events in the Golden Saucer, which you can then exchange for prizes.


What are the rewards?

For completing Trouble in Paradise, you receive a MGP Gold Card, which if redeemed in your inventory gives you 30,000 MGP. Completing Love and Kupo Nuts earns you the following: 10 Golden Sparklers, 2 MGP Vouchers (which gives you 100 MGP eahc when used in your inventory) and 3 Golden Saucer tickets which can be used for a free try on the Golden Saucer mini attractions. By completing Love and Kupo Nuts for the first time, you receive the achievement, MeetMog which also gives you the title Matachmaker to use.

Image source: Final Fantasy XIV’s Lodestone site.

Aside from the quest rewards, you can also use MGP to buy some unique house items. These three items are based off of the mini attractions in the Golden Saucer and won’t be available after the event has finished. If they don’t appeal to you, you can always use the MGP on the normal Golden Saucer prizes.


Final Words.

I liked the fact that The Make It Rain Campaign focuses on a different area of Final Fantasy XIV, the Golden Saucer and that it also feels like a different event compared to the other events held this year. The quest are quick and the Love and Kupo Nuts brought a smile to my face, just because it involved Moogles. Yet again, the rewards don’t appeal to me as much, as I don’t own a house so furniture is a little pointless for me; however the fact I can use the MGP I earn from this event means I can put it towards the Fenrir mount I’m saving up for. There are plenty of other rewards that the MGP can be used for including emotes, minions, mounts and glamours, so even if you don’t want the housing items there are still prizes that might interest you.

If you don’t normally visit the Golden Saucer, this event makes it a great opportunity to pay it a visit. This event runs until 3pm (GMT) Monday 25th June, so you have plenty of time to earn that MGP and make it rain!



Featured image came from Final Fantasy XIV’s Lodestone site.


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