30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 11. A Game That Got You Through A Tough Time.

OK, this is going to be an emotional one…

This topic was not difficult at all to know which game I was going to talk about. The game that got me through a tough time, in fact several tough times, is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Image source: Official Elder Scrolls site.

I’m not going to get all dramatic and say Skyrim saved my life but it certainly helped me when I was in a seriously dark place. When I was sixteen, I was assaulted by a man, I’m not going to go into details but it left me with some issues, some of which I didn’t feel I could talk about to those close to me. The incident left me angry, paranoid and helpless but I soon found that when I played Skyrim I felt none of those things. When I was exploring Skyrim, I could be a strong warrior, a sneaky rough or a powerful wizard, in short I wasn’t helpless. I could choose to do whatever I wanted to do and nothing could hurt me. In a way, Skyrim became part of my healing process which is why I will always love this game, even with its flaws.

Image source: Official Elder Scrolls site.

Moving on, several years later, my grandad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. That diagnosis hit me hard. My grandad was, and still is, a role model to me. He always put his family first and no matter what life threw at him, he would stubbornly fight it. He said he would not allow the cancer to beat him. Unfortunately, this fight with cancer would be his last. It was tough watching this man I loved and who was so full of life, slowly slip away and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help him. So once again, I turned to Skyrim and instead fought things that I could defeat. I know it sounds silly but smacking a dwemer construct with a mace was extremely therapeutic. As a side note, my grandad had the last laugh, as he denied cancer its victory, as he died from heart failure and not from the cancer. Like I said, he was stubborn.

As I said before, I will always love Skyrim, it has helped me through some difficult times in my life and suspect it will help me through whatever life throws at me in the future. I would love to hear from you guys about games that helped you, so please share your experiences in the comments.

Tomorrow’s topic is a little less serious, when I’ll be talking about a game I think deserves the VR treatment. See you then!




I did not create this challenge,  I found this challenge on The Gaming Teacher blog and the challenge itself was created on the New Game Plus blog. If you enjoy gaming blogs, I highly recommend you check out both these blogs!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 11. A Game That Got You Through A Tough Time.

  1. LightningEllen

    And that’s why I love video games: they offer an escape from harsh reality when darkness gets out of control. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through those things. I’m glad Skyrim helped you though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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