First Impressions: Van Helsing.

I sometimes feel that clicking on something in the Netflix’s Recommended section is Russian Roulette mixed with Alice in Wonderland, you have no idea where going down that rabbit hole it will take you…

So I was just browsing through Netflix, not really such what to watch when I had the really bright idea to pick something from my recommended list, because Netflix knows me so well. What I found was… well, it sort of felt like de ja vu.

Van Helsing is a post apocalyptic TV show, in which a volcanic eruption caused vampires to take over society. In this dark future, mankind has been reduced to either a food source for the ruling vampires or barely surviving in rag-tag groups. The thing is, I feel like I’ve seen this show before. The series focuses on Vanessa, a single mother, who as the world fell apart ended up in a hospital… in a coma. She wakes up, years later, to discover society has collapsed and has the situation explained to her by a stranger after almost being killed by one of the entities that caused the apocalypse. She spends much of season 1 trying to be reunited with her family. OK, is it just me or does that sound an awful lot like the premise of The Walking Dead, just with vampires and not zombies? Both shows are even based off of graphic novels!

Image source:  Den of Geek.

Don’t get me wrong, Van Helsing is not a The Walking Dead clone. For one, there is clearly a element of ‘The Chosen One’ trope with Vanessa, as it is made clear from episode one that she has the ability to decide the fate of mankind. The other big difference is that Van Helsing tries really hard to create an element of mystery and intrigue(think Lost meets Game of Thrones). Everyone has a motive and skeletons in their closet but don’t expect them to be revealed quickly. However this desire to give the audience a show with so much mystery means that the first episode in particular has some serious pacing issues.

So far I have watched the first four episodes of Van Helsing and so far its OK. I won’t say that it has me completely hooked or wanting to binge watch it; but at the same time I appreciate that its trying to do something a little different with the post-apocalyptic genre, at least for a TV show. If you are a fan of vampires or apocalyptic dramas, I suggest giving this a watch but if you don’t like gore, its probably a show to avoid. In conclusion, I guess sometimes, its worth a dive into your recommendations section on Netflix, because you may find a show you wouldn’t have otherwise watched.

Have you watched Van Helsing? Let me know what you think of it in the comments, but please no spoilers!




Featured image came from Flixlist

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