A Post About Totalbiscuit, the Definition of Respect & a Plea.

Apologies if this is a rambling post….

Yesterday I found out that Totalbiscuit, a prominent gaming Youtuber died on Thursday 24th May, after fighting cancer for four years. For those of you who don’t know who TB was, he was Youtuber who critiqued video games, as well as hosting a podcast called the Co-Optional Podcast with two other Youtubers, Jesse Cox and Dodger. He also supported small indie game developers, as well as campaigned for consumer rights in the games industry, in particular against pre-order practices, fair use of video game content online and ethical games journalism. Totalbiscuit was one of the first Youtubers I subscribed to on Youtube and later on, I also followed on Twitch. In some ways, he was one of the many people who inspired me to start this blog. Admittedly, I did not agree with all of TB’s opinions, of which he had quite a few, but nevertheless he was a person I respected and who is also partly to blame for my large Steam library.

So why in the title of this post did I say ‘the definition of respect’? Because this man was not even dead for 24 hours before people on the internet decided to metaphorically dance on his grave. While his friends and family are trying to come to terms with their loss, many people were posting words of hate on the hashtag #Totalbiscuit, which was being used for people to pass on their messages of condolence. In case anyone is confused or unsure what the definition of respect, it is:

Due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

Oxford English Dictionary.

It is easy to post whatever you like on the Internet, particularly when you can post it anonymously, but remember what you write online stays forever, something that Totalbiscuit learned all to well. It is OK to disagree with someone, or even to intensely dislike them but there is a time a place and the day after they died is not the time. I have found on WordPress, there is a lot of respect in the community and this whole paragraph is one most don’t need to read. However for the people posting hateful comments about Totalbiscuit, stop. Remember his has a wife and son. If you cannot bring yourself to temporarily respect the man who has died; then at least respect his wife and son, who have just lost their husband and father, who have not earned your hate and disrespect.

Finally, my plea to anyone reading this. Totalbiscuit said he had ignored the signs that he may have had cancer. My grandfather, who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer ignored the signs. My grandmother who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, ignored the signs. Please, if you feel there is something wrong with your body, get it checked out. No one knows your body better than you do. Cancer is one of the most awful diseases anyone can suffer from but to give yourself a fighting chance of beating it, you must be diagnosed as soon as possible. Watching someone I love fight and lose to cancer was, and is, one of the hardest things I have and had to do, please don’t let the people you love have to go through that.

I know this has been a pretty heavy post, particularly for my blog, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there. To Totalbiscuit’s family and friends, I offer my deepest condolences. Rest in peace TB, you have left quite a legacy.

I want to leave this post on a slightly positive note, so in the comments, if you were a fan of Totalbiscuit, please share your favourite TB videos/moments. If you have never watched Totalbiscuit, why not tells us who on WordPress/Youtube/Twitch/other Internet platforms have inspired you.

Thanks for readings guys and I’ll talk to you soon.

11 thoughts on “A Post About Totalbiscuit, the Definition of Respect & a Plea.

  1. I liked a lot of TB’s content, especially the ‘WTF Is..’ series. I wasn’t in the Internet Places that saw his more controversial side, so although I became aware that he did sometimes express problematic views, I never really experienced it firsthand. His work was important, though, regardless; he made positive changes to how people in games journalism present themselves, as well as how consumers and studios interact and keep each other’s rights.

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  2. I personally was not a big fan of TB, but was absolutely horrified by the toxic comments I read on various gaming sites. The man had just lost his battle with cancer, his family attempting to cope with their grief and loss, and yet rather than just not commenting, a large amount of his naysayers were saying absolutely appalling things. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Great post Thero, and it was not at all rambling, just succinct and heartfelt. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, like you, I was appalled by the comments people were making, especially on Twitter. Even if you dislike someone, there is no need to inflict more pain on the people left behind. I guess those people were never taught about if they on’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything…

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  3. omg, he passed on. I recently saw his update video where he discussed his cancer, and I love his uplifting view on the matter. But man, I can’t believe cancer took him.
    I’m not a fan, but I did follow his videos. He and Jim Sterling are very open and direct with their criticism, so I always enjoyed it.
    and sadly, some people are toxic like that. leaving hateful comments about a dead guy, that’s just low.

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    1. I had seen a health update post on his Reddit page, saying he was retiring from gaming critiquing back in April, due to his treatment no longer working, but the impression I had gotten from the post was that he had some time left.
      I think it was his open and direct nature that contributed to some people disliking TB’s opinions, but like you, I enjoyed that style of criticism.
      Sometimes I forget how toxic some places on the Internet can be; which makes me even more grateful for the communities on WordPress, particularly the gaming and anime ones.


  4. I’ve been listening to Co-Optional on my walk into work for years now. I’ll miss hearing his opinions and recommendations greatly. On a bizarre note, I happened to spend a year teaching in his childhood school. Small world!

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  5. I can’t say I was ever really a fan of TotalBiscuit, but I am nonetheless saddened to hear of his untimely passing. I had heard of his cancer some time back, but even so, that’s way too young of an age to die. He will be missed.

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  6. The Otaku Judge

    I didn’t agree with some of his opinions either, but liked his funny Hearthstone videos. His passing shows how cruel humanity can be. People who bashed him for Twitter comments he made in the past don’t seem to realize they were doing the same thing by celebrating his death.

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