Thero’s Recommended Gaming: This War of Mine.

OK, I may have reviewed This War of Mine for Upon Completion nearly three years ago (has it really been that long?!) but today I’m not reviewing it, I’m recommending it.

Now if you want a game with a happy ending or even one with a happy beginning, then you might as well move along. Happiness is one thing This War of Mine  won’t provide. Instead, it will make you take a long hard look at your own humanity and what you are prepared to do to survive.

Image was found on This War of Mine’s Steam store page.

So what is This War of Mine about? Set in a city under siege, your goal is to ensure your group of civilians survive until the end of the war. This means helping them building a functioning shelter, scavenge for food and maybe even kill a person. Trust me, there are plenty of moral dilemmas and this game doesn’t pull any punches. In This War of Mine don’t expect anything honourable or noble to come from this war.

Image was found on This War of Mine’s Steam store page.

One of the things that makes this game stand out is how much the look and feel of the game fits the narrative. There is very little colour, most of what you see will be varying shades of black and grey. The background sound also complement the atmosphere.

As for how the game plays, it has a pretty simple point and click scheme. In fact this is a game that is very easy to pick, but a little harder to master. Pretty much from the beginning, you will need to be thinking strategically on how you will build your shelter, as supplies are limited. You will also need to be constantly weighing the risks of an action against potential rewards.

So if you are looking for more slower paced game that takes a look at how war affects civilians, rather than playing as the soldier, then I highly recommend This War of Mine. Be warned, this is game will leave you with little joy.

4 thoughts on “Thero’s Recommended Gaming: This War of Mine.

  1. My other-half has had this game in his Steam library for absolutely ages… but we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to play it, choosing to not put ourselves through the emotional wringer just yet. I have a feeling we wouldn’t come out of the experience unscathed.

    No spoilers obviously: but how does the game end? Is there a ‘neat’ conclusion?

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    1. I have to say that if there is one thing this game is good at, it is not pulling the emotional punches. There is some DLC which also introduces children, called The Little Ones, which I’m not sure if I’ll buy, just because of how dark the game already is. On the other hand, I’m glad I’ve played This War of Mine and it was interesting to play a game set in a war which focused its story on the civilians.
      I’ll be honest, the game does have an end state, which is reaching ceasefire day. The epilogue explains what has happened to each of the characters you had in your group and depending on what you’ve made them do, changes their fate.

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  2. It’s definitely an experience, of which you won’t find its like in many other places. It’s thought provoking, leads to some hard decisions, and you end up creating a really deep story for your characters through gameplay alone, even beyond what the game provides you. It’s not a really long-lasting experience, but it is one that’s definitely worth getting into.

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