First Impressions: Surviving Mars.

Surviving Mars is a colony building game, in which you must successfully establish and then run a colony on Mars. Sounds pretty straightforward, so what could go wrong?

Image found on Surviving Mars’ Steam Store page.

Everything went wrong on my first playthrough.

I had sent for some human colonists way too early and then promptly died from the fact I hadn’t established a proper power grid and so everything suffered from power loss. OK, I learnt from mistakes.

Everything went wrong on my second playthrough.

This time I thought I would play it safe and hold off bringing human colonists and instead building a functioning colony with drones. Everything was going well… until I choose wrongly on spending most of my money on research, rather than additional drones and resources. This meant my colony ground to a halt with too few drones able to keep up with maintenance. That’s OK, I learnt from my mistakes.

Image found on Surviving Mars’ Steam Store page.

Everything went wrong on my third playthrough… I’m just kidding. So far, so good and. My colony has now reached fifty human colonists and I already have my first martian born! There have been a few hiccups, like a meteor causing a a power failure but that didn’t cause too much disruption. As someone who loves colony building games, Surviving Mars, is a fantastic game; although the rather sparse tutorial might mean that less experienced players may get frustrated with the steep learning curve. But for those that persist, I think that persistence will pay off. I haven’t gotten very far into the gameplay, as there have been a few setbacks with my colonies, but I think there is enough content to let me feel like I have received my monies worth. The fact that you can adjust your starting conditions and the way you create your colony is so open ended, allows for a lot of replayability.

Overall, Surviving Mars has lived up to my expectations. It is a solid sci-fi colony builder that seems to get the gameplay just right. As I mentioned before, the thing that may put players off is the steep learning curve, high chance of restarting their games and rather brief tutorial. Still, I think the game will have its fans and I’m interested to see what additional content maybe released for it in the future.

Have you played Surviving Mars? Let me know what your think of it in the comments below!


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