My Thoughts on Bat Out of Hell the Musical.

Last Saturday, I went and saw Bat Out of Hell the Musical in London and I thought today, I would share my thoughts on one of the newest additions to the West End. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers in this post!

Let’s start off with a fun fact about Thero: I am a fan of Jim Steinman’s music, particularly the songs that were performed by Meat Loaf. This was mainly down to my parents often playing a tape of Bat Out of Hell in the car when we driving to places. OK, now I feel old. So when I heard that Jim Steinman’s music was being made into a musical, I knew I had to see it even if it was just for the music.


So what is the show about? Well, its set in a post apocalyptic future, in the city of Obsidian, which is ruled by a ruthless man called Falco. Living in the tunnels underneath the city is gang called The Lost, the members of which don’t age once they turned eighteen. The leader of The Lost, Strat, falls in love with a young woman called Raven, who’s over protective father just so happens to be Falco. Plenty of rock ballads and chaos ensue. OK, so the plot may not be the most unique in the West End, however it is engaging and entertaining.


I will say that the actors are amazing. Not only are their renditions of the songs fantastic but the energy they give in the show is incredible. From the very first number to the last, the pace does not let up. As for the songs, if you love rock then you will will absolutely love the soundtrack. Unfortunately, at the moment it seems that you can only buy the soundtrack from the theatre itself. Obviously, the classic Steinman songs are all featured including Bat out of HellI’d Do Anything for Love and Paradise by the Dashboard Light; but it was the lesser known songs that also proved popular with the audience I was in, which including numbers like: Out of the Frying Pan, Objects in the Rearview Mirror and In the Land of the Pig.


The other aspect of the musical that really stood out to me was the set design and technical effects. The way the stage was used to represent different pars of the city, in the same song, was nothing short of genius. There were also several moments when I was wondering how they managed to pull off a particular effect or stunt. With so much going on, on the stage, I feel like you could watch the show several times and still pick up on things going on that you hadn’t noticed before.

Bat Out of Hell the Musical may not be a revolutionary musical and will probably never be a favourite of the critics but it is definitely one that gives its audience a good time. It certainly is one that left me leaving the theatre wanting to see it again. Admittedly if you don’t enjoy Jim Steinman’s music, then I wouldn’t advise you but if you want to indulge yourself if a musical full of rock and roll this definitely one to see. Just a word of warning: the trailer on Youtube does not do this musical justice. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and listen to the soundtrack for about the tenth time…



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7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Bat Out of Hell the Musical.

  1. I went to this show a while back, and it has to be one of the most bonkers yet brilliant things I’ve ever seen! The set was amazing and the ‘tiers’ on the stage really captured the setting.

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    1. Brilliant yet bonkers is probably one of the best ways to describe this musical! It certainly wasn’t what I had expected and not like the other musicals I had seen before, which is probably why I came away loving it!


    1. I definitely feel in love with it when I saw it earlier this year! All the actors were amazing in it but I can see why you would love Falco and Sloane the most. What was your favourite song?


      1. I love “What part of my body hurts the most” or also the two big cast numbers “It’s all coming back to me’ and ‘Anything for love” . The last one especially because Zahara and Jagwire are also in there. I’ll leave you the link to my reviews here, if you want to know more about my thoughts on the show: (after seeing it the first time) (2nd time)

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