MMO Seasonal Event- The Elder Scrolls Online: 4th Anniversary Event.

On 4th April, The Elder Scrolls Online turned 4 years old! And what better way to celebrate such an occasion, than with special event?

How do you take part in the event?

Firstly, there are absolutely no level requirements. All you have to do is go to the Crown Store, while in game, then click on the Jubilee Cake Voucher which can be found on the ‘Featured’ or ‘Quest Starter’ tabs. Once you have the cake voucher, activate from your inventory. Now all you have to do is head to either Vulkhel Guard docks in Auridon; Daggerfall harbour district in Glenumbra or Davon’s Watch dockyards in Stonefalls to begin the quest!



What is the event?

This actually a rather nice and easy event. Once you speak to Chef Donolan, you will start the Ache for Cake quest. This is basically a fetch quest, in which you have to find the Chef bananas, flour and honey in order for him to make your cake. And that is it!


What are the rewards?

Well, there is only really one reward for completing the Ache for Cake quest, which is the 3rd Annual Jubilee Cake. If you use the cake in your Collections menu, it will grant you a 100% XP buff during the anniversary event. The great thing about this buff is that it stacks with other XP buffs, like experience scrolls and ESO Plus membership.


Now if you are looking for more rewards, then make sure you complete daily or weekly quests, as these will give you Anniversary Gift Boxes. These contain style items, crafting materials and motif pages.


Final Words.

This was an incredibly short quest, especially for someone like myself, who hoards crafting materials. Still, that does mean that if you are running late completing this event, you can easily finish it in about five minutes- in fact getting the cake voucher took longer to complete! The cake memento was a nice reward and will be useful during the event, it is a bit of a shame it loses its XP buff at the end of the event. But at least the cake wasn’t a lie…

If you want to get a slice of birthday cake, you have until 3pm BST on Monday 16th April to take part!



Featured image was found on All screenshots were taken by myself.

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