Harry Potter Challenge: Day 22. Aspired Quidditch Position.

As someone who is not very sporty, this is going to be a tough topic…

Image from pottermore.com.

If I was being brutally honest, I would say I wouldn’t play Quidditch. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I have a serious fear of heights, so flying around on a broomstick with a chance of getting knocked off, is not my idea of a good time. But that wouldn’t make a great answer for this post, so instead I’m going with the position of Beater. Ha, bet that surprised some of you, well hear me out. During sports lessons, I was terrible at goalkeeping, which rules out Keeper. I also wasn’t great at scoring goal, which rules out Chaser. Seeker are often targeted by the opposing team, so why would I want to increase the risk of me getting knocked off my broom? That leaves the Beater position, which at least gives me a bat to protect myself (and my team) with. And I have to say, I was pretty good at rounders at school.

Still, if I had the choice, my preferred Quidditch position would be the spectator.

Would you like to be part of a Quidditch team? Let me know in the comments what position you would play!



6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Challenge: Day 22. Aspired Quidditch Position.

  1. I really like your logic for this. I would be terrible as a keeper. I like the idea of seeker other than the being a big target for the opposition and for having to spot the smallest ball in the sport whilst it flies about. I’d probably end up going the same as you as I don’t know that my attempts at scoring would be any good.

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    1. Thanks, who knew that the most violent position could argued to be the safest? I think the pressure on the seeker puts me off that position, you effectively can win the game for your team in one catch. I think I prefer flying around batting balls at people.

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      1. I know, the seeker has so much pressure on them and it is a good position but probably a bit too much for me as you then become a target. But at least if you have a bat and can knock balls out of your way (and the teams way) it seems a bit safer.

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  2. “Still, if I had the choice, my preferred Quidditch position would be the spectator” you know that those ones are not really that safe you know? XD just kidding!

    If I had to choose I would go with the seeker. I’m just an attention seeker and I like to feel important! x’D (kidding ofc XD) I am also am afraid of heights and I prefer to have my bones all in their places, however since this is Hogwarts even if something happens they will heal really quickly XD Unless you have Lockhart as a teacher… If that I would just stay in the castle trying to find all its secrets 😛

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