Harry Potter Challenge: Day 21. Favourite Spell.

OK, I’m slightly cheating on this one, as I have two favourite spells… and don’t worry neither are an Unforgiveable Curse!

There are two spells that spring to mind, when I was thinking which were my favourite. Both are memorable and have played an important role at some point in the series. The first is Wingardium Levosa, a levitation charm that first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


Image from pottermore.com.

OK, this may not be the most formidable spell but it certainly was useful, from defeating trolls to luring Slytherins into eating drugged cakes. I guess it is one of my favourite spells because it is one of the first we are introduced to in the series. My other favourite spell is the Patronus Charm. Yes, alright, a little predictable but it is one of the most recognisable spells in the series and is also pretty iconic.

Image from pottermore.com.

The Patronus Charm is considered to be one of the hardest spells a wizard can learn, but when faced with a Dementor, it can save your life. The reason why this spell is one of favourites is a little cliche, in a fantasy world full of spells that can harm people, the Patronus Charm is powered by happiness and hope, echoing Dumbledore’s words that happiness can be found in the darkest of times.

What was your favourite spell? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!



6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Challenge: Day 21. Favourite Spell.

    1. I once took the Pottermore quiz which said my Patronus would be a ginger cat, but I was also out into Gryffindor based on the sorting quiz on that site, so I’m not sure how reliable it is. I personally think it would be a dog or a wolf as they are my favourite animals. What would yours be?

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      1. Those are good choices. I like to think it would be a dog or something that can be a pet, maybe a cat or rabbit. Though I like the idea of having a Patronus that is small and fluffy (and underestimated by size) like a hamster as it can look so small and be the most powerful defence.

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