Elder Scrolls Online: Scalecaller Crown Crates… Unboxing?!

Since I subscribe to ESO PLus, as part of my subscription I get some Crowns (Elder Scrolls Online’s currency that can be bought with real money). I don’t usually have anything to spend these Crowns on, so I thought it would be interesting to buy four of the Scalecaller Crwon Crates and see what I get in them.

What are Crown Crates?

Crown Crates are randomised selection of pets, mounts, cosmetic items and potions. Most items earned in the Crates are cosmetic, although you can earn experience scrolls and lessons to boost your riding skills. Each crate has a theme which lasts for a limited period of time, for example, this month’s is Scalecaller so there are a lot of monstrous looking mounts available. Crown Crates can be purchased with Crowns (currency bought with real money) from the Crown Store.


Crate 1.


OK, we’re off to a fairly good start. Experience scrolls and elixirs are always useful, particularly as I tend to play ESO solo. Some of you can probably tell that the dog is my favourite item out of this crate.


Crate 2.


More potions and elixirs, the Crown Stout Magic Liquer will come in handy for my Warden High Elf. I’m not as excited by the emote as was with the dog but it is the best item out of this crate.


Crate 3.


This is easily the worst crate, so far. The poisons and the ragout are not particularly useful for my Warden and whilst the repair kit is useful, its not that interesting. Finally, the Star-Brow Diadem is probably something I won’t use on any of my characters.


Crate 4.


I stand corrected. This is the worse crate out of the four. I most likely won’t be using the poisons and I somehow managed to get two experience scrolls, meaning I got three experience scrolls out of four crates! But the worst part is that I somehow managed to get a duplicate item, the emote!

In all honesty, I was a little disappointed with what I received out of the crates. There are plenty of cosmetics that I would have been happy with from mounts to costumes, from pets to armour styles; unfortunately I only managed to receive one pet. The thing that annoyed me the most was I somehow managed to get a duplicate item, despite only opening four crates. I’m glad I had only spent Crowns that I didn’t know what to spend on rather than actually parting with money in the hopes of getting a particular item. On this occasion, I would say avoid the Crown Crates.



Featured image came from the Elder Scrolls wikia.

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