Thero’s Recommended Reading: The Black Magician Trilogy.

Since this is turning out to be quite a wizard themed month, I thought I’d continue the theme with this Recommended Reading post!

Today, I’m not recommending one book but three, as I feel that the story isn’t really complete unless you read all three books in The Black Magician trilogy written by Trudi Canavan

The trilogy consist of The Magician’s GuildThe Novice and The High Lord. I’ll just come out and say it, the second book is the strongest out of the three and I believe that the third book, The High Lord, is pretty divisive. That being said I feel that this trilogy is well worth a read, particularly if you are a Harry Potter fan.

And there are some similarities between Harry Potter and The Black Magician trilogy. Both series focus on an orphan who discover that they can use magic and there is a magic school, of a sort and yes, there is dark magic and people who are prepared use said magic. However there is a little more to The Black Magician trilogy that helps to differ it from J. K. Rowling’s work, but I want to avoid spoilers here.

The Black Magician trilogy was never going to replicate the success of the Harry Potter books but if you are a fan of books with children that can use magic and have to face insurmountable odds, then there are worse books to read. But I would only recommend this trilogy as long as you intend to read all three books, as the overarching plot and the characters’ development is what makes these books worth reading.

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