Harry Potter Challenge: Day 17. Favourite Unforgiveable Curse.

I’m not really sure how to feel about this topic, I just know it won’t be a cheerful one.

As someone who’s moral alignment is most definitely Lawful Good, to ask me what my favourite unforgiveable curse is a bit difficult. The honest answer would be none of them but that would make much of a post. So let’s take a look at each of the curses and see which is the lesser evil.


  • The Killing Curse. Also known as Avada Kedavra, this curse does pretty much what it is called. It kills people in a flash of green light, ending their lives quickly and painlessly. There is no counter-curse to stop it and no magical way to block it. In fact in the entire history of this curse, only two people have managed to survive it, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. I know I couldn’t kill someone and the idea that by saying two words, I could end someone’s life is abhorrent. In case you can’t tell, the Killing Curse is not my favourite.
  • The Cruciatus Curse. I guess you could also call this the torture curse, as with one word (crucio), you can inflict immense pain on someone. While this curse won’t actually kill a person, it can actually drive people insane, which is what happened to Neville Longbottom’s parents. In some ways, I think that the Cruciatus curse is worse than the Killing curse, as it has the potential of leaving someone alive but as a shell of the person they were, which makes death almost a mercy. I wouldn’t consider this to be my favourite curse either.
  • The Imperius Curse. That leaves us with the curse that robs people of their will and if you held a wand to my head and threatened me with the Killing Curse, I guess this would be the one I deem my ‘favourite’ Unforgivable curse. While taking away someone’s will and imposing your own on them, is definitely morally wrong, at least there’s a change they won’t die or be seriously hurt from it.


And that was my favourite Unforgivable curse. I’m not sure I want to ask you guys which is your favourite but I would be interested to know if you think there is an occasion where it would be OK to use these curses, so let me know in the comments. I’m afraid tomorrow’s post isn’t anymore cheerful, as I’ll be talking about Horcruxs, see you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Challenge: Day 17. Favourite Unforgiveable Curse.

  1. Hmmm I completely agree with you! HOWEVER, just for the funs I would say that my favourite curse is imperium, then cruciatus and last avada kedavra. Imperium because you can do things that can be cool/entertaining, cruciatus because… Oh well, I’m not gonna lie, it gave me a lot of pleasure seeing Harry screaming the curse towards Belatrix, although not functioning. And well, Avada Kedavra onlys kills someone which ends up being a little boring.
    Ok, I went into the dark side for a second… I’ve come back again! Puppies and raimbows and everyone together handling hands!

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    1. You went pretty dark there for a moment! Still, I agree with your choices and the reasons behind them. Don’t worry, after writing this post, I had to watch a few baby panda videos to get me back to my usual self!

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