Thero’s Top Five Members of the Fairy Tail Guild.

In a month, when my posts have a distinct wizarding theme, I thought now would be a good time to look at some of my favourite anime wizards!

I haven’t made it a secret that I love the anime Fairy Tail and today I’m sharing with you guys my top five wizards from the guild, Fairy Tail. I’ve decided to make a few rules for this list:

  • Firstly, the character must have some magical ability.
  • They must have been a member of Fairy Tail, at some point in the story.
  • To make this list less predictably, I’m only including one wizard from Team Natsu.
  • I won’t be including any of the Exceeds in this list, as that will be a list for another day.

Now that I’ve set the rules, let’s get on with the list!

5. Juvia Lockser.


At number 5, we have Juvia Lockser, the Rain Woman. Initially, she was a more antagonistic character, belonging to the Phantom Lord guild; but Juvia quickly changed guilds after crossing paths with Grey Fullbuster. I have to admit it took me little while to warm to Juvia, as I found her constant obsession with Grey to be a little annoying but from the Grand Magic Games arc, she has slowly changed my mind.





4. Laxus Dreyar.

laxus_dreyar_gmgHere’s another character that took me a little while to actually start liking. Laxus is the grandson of the Fairy Tail guild leader and very early on it was clear that Laxus had a serious ego problem. To be fair, Laxus earnt his place as one of Fairy Tail’s strongest wizards, with his Lightning Dragon Slayer magic. However it was his ego that led to Laxus being exiled from the guild; but that didn’t mean he was gone forever and it was during his exile that Laxus matured.




3. Levy McGarden.


What? I wasn’t going to leave off the guild’s resident bookworm, was I? Levy is Fairy Tail’s go to girl when it comes to all things writing. Seriously, even her magic, called Solid Script, involves creating magical words. Early on, Levy is  subjected to a traumatic attack but that doesn’t stop her from not only moving on from the incident but also forgiving her attacker. Levy is one of the more grounded and kind hearted individuals in the guild, which is how she earnt the number three spot on my list.


2. Mirajane Strauss.

mirajane_serving_drinksHere is a character that is full of surprises! First introduced as a mild mannered member of the guild, content with helping other guild members acquire jobs, it doesn’t take too long to discover the side of Mirajane. It turns out she is one of Fairy Tails’ strongest wizard, who is able to use Satan Soul Take Over magic. She literally becomes a demon. Not only that but it turns out she was quite the wild child growing up and it took the loss of her sister to change her and make her stop using her magic. Still, when those  Mirajane cares about are in danger, be prepared to see her darker side!


1. Erza Scarlett.


And at the number 1 spot, we have Erza Scarlett, which probably didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has read any of my Anime Challenge posts. Like Laxus and Mirajane, Erza is an S-Class wizard, making her one of Fairy Tail’s strongest wizard. And like a lot of the wizards, Erza has had her fair share of tragedy in her life but despite everything she is always prepared to stand in the way of evil. Just don’t let her near a theatre stage.



And that was my top five members of the Fairy Tail guild! There a quite a few wizards that just missed out on making this list, so I would love to hear who is your favourite Fairy Tail wizard. Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!



All image came from the Fairy Tail wikia.

10 thoughts on “Thero’s Top Five Members of the Fairy Tail Guild.

    1. Gray is a great character and would have made my list, if it wasn’t for my rule of having only one member of Team Natsu on it. I do think that Levy is probably one of the more relatable characters.

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    1. Gajeel would have made number six, if this had been a top ten list. The reason he would be so low on the list is because unlike the other characters, we don’t get a lot of information about Gajeel’s past.

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