30 Day Harry Potter Challenge.

Yes, I’m embracing the madness of doing another 30 day challenge, this time on the Harry Potter books.

Here are the topics for each day:

Day 1 – Favourite Book in the Series.

Day 2 – Least Favourite Book in the Series.

Day 3 – Favourite Character.

Day 4 – Favourite Villain.

Day 5 – Saddest Moment.

Day 6 – Favourite Professor.

Day 7 – Least Favourite Professor.

Day 8 – Favourite Subject.

Day 9 – Least Favourite Subject.

Day 10 – Favourite Shop in Diagon Alley.

Day 11 – Favourite Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher.

Day 12 – Most Missed Dead Character.

Day 13 – Favourite Book Cover.

Day 14 – Favourite Tri-Wizard Tournament Challenge.

Day 15 – Rate the Houses From Most to Least Favourite.

Day 16 – Favourite Animagus.

Day 17 – Favourite Unforgivable Curse.

Day 18 – Favourite Horcrux.

Day 19 – Favourite Deathly Hallow.

Day 20 – Funniest Moment.

Day 21 – Favourite Spell.

Day 22 – Aspired Quidditch Position.

Day 23 – Favourite Patronus.

Day 24 – What You Think Your Patronus Would Be.

Day 25 – Favourite Dursley.

Day 26 – What Would Your Wand Be Made Of.

Day 27 – Favourite Magical Ability (Animagi Transformation, Metamorphmagi, Parselmouth, Flying, Seer, Apparition and Disapparition, Legilimency and Occlumency, Veela Charm, Magical Resistance).

Day 28 – Favourite Death Eater.

Day 29 – Favourite Portrait.

Day 30 – Most Emotional Moment.


I found this challenge on the Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges! site. As I mentioned before, I’m basing my responses on the books and not the films but if you wanted to do it for the films, feel free to. If you’re also taking part in the challenge let me know in the comments, so I can follow your challenge progress. Come back tomorrow when I’ll be talking about my favourite book in the series!

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