X-Men: The Animated Series- Unstoppable Juggernaut.

After a lengthy, unplanned hiatus, I have returned to watching X-Men: The Animated Series. This week, its episode 8, Unstoppable Juggernaut.

This episode picks up right where we left off in episode 7, with the X-Men returning to find the school having been destroyed. Unfortunately, their search reveals nothing, except for a message from the professor. In the recording, he explains he’s going on a journey that could change their lives forever. For some reason, the X-men just except this cryptic message and assume the professor is alright, all except for Wolverine who charges off to find him.

This makes Storm, Jubilee and Rogue to head off and find the missing Wolverine. In her search, for Wolverine, Jubilee is almost crushed to death by Colossus. Fortunately, Wolverine is there to save her from imminent death. This leads them to believe Colossus is the one responsible for destroying the mansion. After a very one sided fight, Wolverine realises that Colossus is not the mutant responsible.


Meanwhile, Rogue and Storm have come across a bank robbery in progress, which results in Colossus being arrested. As Wolverine says, this guy keeps ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. While Wolverine and Jubilee remain on the trail of the mutant who attacked the mansion, Rogue and Storm decide to go and talk to Colossus. I can’t help but notice that the team are far more successful when they aren’t being led by Cyclops. During their attempt at breaking out Colossus, Rogue and Storm come across Beast, who absence from the show, I kind of forgotten about.

While Rogue and Storm are indulging in the X-Men’s favourite past time of destroying government property, Wolverine and Jubilee finally encounter the mutant responsible for all the chaos and destruction, the Juggernaut. It turns out that the Juggernaut is rather aptly named, as nothing that the police or Wolverine can do to stop him. Fortunately, Rogue, Storm and Colossus arrive in time to join the fight, however even Storm dropping a building on him seems to have little effect. Using a different approach, the X-Me work together to remove Colossus’ helmet, so Rogue can use her powers which turns out not to be a great idea for Rogue. In the end, it is Jean who brings down the Juggernaut.


This was a more action packed episode, which did have some subtle exposition, regarding the professor and Juggernaut.  Its a shame that Colossus won’t be sticking around, but it was nice to see another mutant popping up and giving the X-Men a hand. I like that Rogue and Jean were given bigger roles in this episode, especially when you consider that they are some of the stronger mutants in the show. The only thing I need to know, is when is the professor going to demote Cyclops and promote Storm as the leader of the team? It seems that things go well when Cyclops isn’t around. Overall, a good episode and one that does a good job in setting up future story arcs.

Next week’s episode is called The Cure, in which I hope we get some answers over the professor’s disappearance, see you next week!

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