Community Blogging Event: Adventure Rules Secret Valentine.

Back in January, I said I wanted to take part in more collaborative events, so when the blog Adventure Rules, posted about a Valentine event to share some blogging love, how could I not join in?

So what is this event all about? Each blogger that signed up was (secretly) given a blogger to write about and share what they love about the other blog. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, read on as I share some love for Hungry Goriya!

I have to admit, I hadn’t come across Hungry Goriya’s blog until the Secret Valentine event; which is a bit of a surprise, since its all about gaming and collecting retro video games. While I don’t collect retro video games myself, I get a weird enjoyment out of reading about the games that other people have managed to acquire; so you can probably tell that reading this blog for the past week has been right up my street.

Here are a few posts that I enjoyed reading from Hungry Goriya:

But its not just on WordPress that you can also find Hungry Gloria, there is also the Twitch and Youtube channels, which cover Let’s Plays and reviews. So there is plenty of retro video gaming goodness in whatever format you prefer. So, if you are like me and love video games, especially retro video games, then I suggest playing a visit to Hungry Goriya‘s blog as I believe you will have a blast reading it.

OK, I’m finishing this post off now, before anyone thinks I’m a creepy stalker.



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7 thoughts on “Community Blogging Event: Adventure Rules Secret Valentine.

  1. Awww thank you! I’m so glad that you are enjoying my game hunting endeavours! It’s a passion I’ve had for a really long time and I’m happy to be pursing it actively. I’m looking forward to getting to know your blog as well since I hadn’t run across yours either before now. What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift to make a friend 🙂

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  2. Robert Ian Shepard

    I only recently started reading Hungry Goriya myself but there is something really satisfying about reading about their collections. It’s so cool seeing what a thrifty and strategic buyer can drum up. I’ll definitely be reading GG’s work from now on – thanks for participating in the event!

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