MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: Valentione’s Day.

Love is the awre and not just in the real world it seems, as Final Fantasy XIV is joining in with its own version of Valentine’s Day, Valentione’s Day!

How do you take part in the event?

In order to take part in the Valentione’s Day event, you must be level 15 in any Disciple of Magic or War role and you must have completed the quest, It’s Probably Pirates. If you meet those requirements, then head over to the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania to start the quest, Lessons in Love.



What is the event?

Valentione’s Day consists of two quests: Lessons in Love and the repeatable quest In Fortune with the Times. The first quest is the main part of the event in which you are helping Astrid with the Valentione’s Day celebration, that ends up with you mainly running around after moogles. Part of this quest involves taking part in the Valentione’s Ceremony, a two player instance in which you have to work as a team to navigate a maze and play a card matching game. These sound simple but teamwork is the key. By successfully completing the instance you are rewarded with chocolate pieces that can be exchange for rewards.

In Fortune with the Times quest is fairly simple. You form a party with another player and go speak to three fortune tellers. Both quests didn’t take that long, it took me about 15 fifteen minutes to complete it all.


What are the rewards?


I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with the reward, even though one of them was a mount. For completing Lessons in Love, you can choose between the left or right Broken Heart Pendant mount. If you are a mount collector, not to worry, you can acquire the other one by exchanging six chocolate pieces. You can also  purchase a rose wagon, Valentione’s Day balloons and Valentione’s Day Advertisement poster for your house. You also get the achievement Exciting and New for completing the quest.


I have to say that I wasn’t that keen on the two mounts. I liked that my character has a different pose depending on what mount I was using, but the actual design didn’t appeal to me. So, it looks like Santa Bear is still number one!


Final Words.

While the rewards weren’t as appealing to me as others in previous events, I did appreciate that they were easy to acquire. I do wish that the developers would reduce the amount of housing items that were being used as rewards, as some players don’t have housing available to them, making this rewards useless. For me, it was the event itself that was the best part. Not only was it different from having to complete another seasonal FATE but the actual instance was unique. Instead of combat, you had to work together with another player, one you’ve probably never met before and solve these two puzzles.  Even if the rewards don’t appeal to you, I would recommend you complete this seasonal event, just because it is different from previous events.

If you want to complete the Valentione’s Day event, you have until Thursday 15th February to take part.


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