Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration, 28th December

Kim at Later Levels has created this amazing gaming collaboration to get everyone in the festive spirit. Today’s post is my answer for this question:

It’s now time to head out to the kitchen to put on your oven gloves and start preparing Christmas dinner. It consists solely of video game food; what’s on the menu?

My Christmas dinner would be inspired by several dishes from Eorzea, in Final Fantasy XIV.

The starter would be:

starlight_stew_set_iconStarlight Stew- A hearty meat and vegetable soup brewed by families across the realm every Starlight Celebration.

The main meal would be:

roast_dodo_iconA whole dodo slow-roasted over an open fire and stuffed with a savory blend of bread and nuts. Often used in year-end ceremonies as an offering to the Twelve.

I would then serve up three of options for dessert, one to represent each of the starting cities in Final Fantasy XIV. The first is a Starlight Log:

64px-starlight_log_iconA sweet Starlight Celebration dessert popular in Gridania. This cylindrical cake is formed to resemble one of the Black Shroud’s many sacred trees.

The second dessert would be the Ore Fruitcake:

ore_fruitcake_iconA Starlight Celebration dessert popular in Ul’dah. This cake, if it can be called that, is unparalleled in hardness and density. Every season, at least thirty-seven severe injuries are attributed to various fruitcake-related accidents.

The final dessert would be the Princess Pudding:

64px-princess_pudding_iconA tasty Starlight Celebration dessert popular in Limsa Lominsa. This cake-like sweet is formed to resemble the legendary notorious monster, Princess Pudding─a terrible beast rumoured to once have roamed the meadows of La Noscea.


And that is what I would serve at my video game food meal! Come back tomorrow for the next collaboration post!



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