Thero’s Gift Ideas: Christmas Jumpers.

Since the Christmas jumper seems to be a thing people are deciding to wear again, these might actually be ideal gift for someone you know this Christmas. In this post, I’ll be looking at some geeky themed jumpers, suitable for the festive season.


If you have a Game of Thrones  fan, then the HBO store has this House sigil inspired snowflake design. OK, so its not technically a Christmas jumper, but it is still a jumper. Plus snowflakes are associated with Christmas and these snowflakes might be the closest thing to snow that some people in the UK will be seeing this Christmas…


If you are looking for more family friendly jumpers, then the Disney store has jumpers for everyone in the family. The official Christmas jumpers all have Mickey and Minnie in the designs and come in either grey or red, so your whole family can also colour coordinate! You can also have them personalise the jumpers by adding the name of the wearer on it, giving it a more personal touch.

The Nintendo store has both Pokemon and Mario fans covered. My preference is the Pokemon one, but then again, I’ve always been a bigger fan of Pokemon.


Nintendo isn’t the only video games company getting in on the Christmas jumper act- Bethesda is to. I have to admit that the Fallout jumper with Dogmeat on it, grabs my attention, as does the Skyrim Bauble jumper.

But my favourite Skyrim jumper is the one that can be bought on Amazon. The design reminds me of more traditional Christmas jumpers and is still recognisable as a Skyrim product.


And there were some suggestions for geeky Christmas jumpers. There are a lot of different designs out there- some official merchandise, some not. I decided in the post to restrict myself to only official merchandise, so these jumpers here are a little pricey. If you have any suggestions for geeky jumpers for the festive season, please let me know in the comments!






Image of the Game of Thrones jumper came from the HBO store, while image of the Nintendo jumpers came from the Nintendo store. The Dogmeat and Skyrim bauble jumper images came from the Bethesda store. The second Skyrim jumper came from

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