Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Planet Coaster.

In my Recommended Gaming posts, I’ve been recommending a lot of RPGs; so to spice things up, this week I’m recommended a completing different type of game!

Now, if you’ve played any of the Rollercoaster Tycoon games, then you already have a good idea what Planet Coaster is all about. In fact, I would say that Planet Coaster is the original Rollercoaster Tycoon series spiritual successor. For anyone who has never played either game,  in Planet Coaster you create your own theme park and are trying to make it as profitable as possible.

There are two sides of Planet Coaster. The first  is the business management side. You have to juggle your finances, staff and guests happiness, all the while avoiding going into debt. The second side of Planet Coaster is a bit more creative, in which you can create your own rollercoasters. If you take a look at the Steam Workshop for Planet Coaster, you can see how creative some people can be with the game. The game has three modes: Career, where you play through series of objectives in pre-made theme parks; Challenge mode, where you create your own park from scratch and complete objectives and finally Sandbox mode, which allows you to create the park of your dreams, without any financial constraints.


There is plenty of content in Planet Coaster, that will keep you busy for a long time, so you will be getting your moneys worth. On top of that, the developers Frontier Developments, have consistently given players free updates, with more rides, scenarios and additional features, including a winter update. At a time when game developers and publishers are trying to get as much money from players as possible, its nice to see some developers want to give players additional content without charging them for it.


Overall, Planet Coaster is a game that if you fall in love with it, it will keep you entertained for hours. With the developer committed to producing new content, there will be plenty of updates to keep the game fresh. If you have never played a theme park simulation/manager then Planet Coaster will be a great introduction, as it balances park management with the ability to create you’re own rollercoasters. If you’re not confident at being able to build your own rides , don’t worry, the Steam community has some amazing ones you can use.  The question is, can you build the next Disneyland?




Planet Coaster is available on PC.



Planet Coaster logo came from its Steam storepage, while the other two images came from

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