X-Men: The Animated Series- Enter Magneto.

This week, an iconic villain is introduced…

But before we are introduced, we first get to see Beast in prison. I guess all that vandalism last week didn’t go unpunished after all. While Beast is relaxing in his cell, the prison is under attack and surprisingly its not the X-Men on a vandalising spree. Instead, it turns out to be Magneto. OK, so the writers aren’t going to drag out the suspense on this one. Despite Magneto’s intervention, Beast chooses to stay behind in order to face trial. I have to say, Magneto’s introduction quickly establishes him as a force to be reckoned with and sets him up as a worthy adversary for the X-Men.

At least Beast’s time in prison is well spent…

Magneto’s antics get him a spot on the news, which the X-Men naturally see. Five minutes into the show and we get exposition and a flash back in one go, in which Professor Xavier explains his history with Magneto. Interestingly, Magneto is portrayed in quite a sympathetic light, which for a show aimed at a younger audience is unusual. Normally, the villains are rarely given time to establish the motives behind their villainy, let alone ones that are kind of justified. Magneto’s argument is that humans are afraid of mutants and will always seek to harm their evolutionary betters. Considering how Beast’s trial goes, I’m slightly inclined to agree with Magneto. Although, the interruption of Sabretooth, another classic X-Men villain, probably didn’t help matters.

After Sabretooth is beaten by the court security, Cyclops takes him back to the mansion. This does not go down well with Wolverine, who does what rational person would do, talk it out  tries to kill Sabertooth. He is interrupted by Xavier, Cyclops and Jubilee. Wolverine wants Sabretooth out of the mansion but the other mutants disagree with him. Its clear that Sabretooth and Wolverine have bad blood between them, but I like the fact that the writers are taking their time is revealing the history between these two characters. Anyways, the debate is but on hold, as Magneto is attacking a military base.

The masters of bad ideas.

As Magneto uses his powers to begin launching missiles, the X-Men enter the military base with their usual treatment of government property. The soldiers abandon the base, leaving Magneto to the X-Men. Magneto deals with Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops easily before warning the X-Men not to interfere. The X-Men decide not to take his advice. Now they have about 10 seconds to stop the missiles launching and Wolverine’s only solution is to trash the computer terminals. This goes as well as you would think. Then Cyclops comes up with the bright idea to blow the missiles up with his eyes. While they are next to the missiles. I need to ask: why did Xavier make Cyclops the team leader? So, its up to Storm to stop the missiles which she manages to do at the last minute.

I have to say this was pretty anti-climatic and the episode overall, was pretty dull. Aside from the mini-drama of Wolverine and Sabretooth, as well as Magneto’s introduction, this episode is pretty mediocre. Also, where are Rogue and Gambit? They, along with Jean (who I did not totally forget about), did not feature in one single scene. I feel it would have been better if the Magneto’s introduction and the Sabretooth drama, had been separated into two separate episodes, that way everyone would have had the screen time they deserved. Still, at least some interesting conflict has been set up for the next episode!

And that is all for this week, next week the drama continues in the episode, Deadly Reunion!



The first image came from playbuzz.com, while the second image came from gq.com.


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