Urban Legend: The Killer In The Window.

It’s story time! The turn the lights and gather round, as I tell you the tale of one of my favourite urban legends, The Killer In The Window.


One snowy night, a teenage girl is home alone. As she was turning off the TV, she noticed a a man staring at her through the sliding glass door, holding a knife. Terrified, she threw a blanket over herself and called the police. Afraid of what she would see, the girl remained under the blanket until the police arrived.

When the police arrived, there was no sign of the man outside the door. Despite the ground being covered in snow, there weren’t any footprints by the sliding glass door. The police went into the house to talk to the frightened girl, as they approached the sofa they noticed a trail of wet footprints leading straight to the sofa.



Yes I know, its a rather cliched urban legend about a young woman in peril, I just like the little twist it has. I guess the moral of the story is be paranoid of crazy killers and when faced with imminent danger, throw blanket over yourself!

If you guys a have story that you think will scare me, tell it to me in the comments.



Image came from thoughtco.com.

5 thoughts on “Urban Legend: The Killer In The Window.

  1. I consider creepypastas as some sort of urban legend, and the one that still terrifies me the most is Candle Cove. When I read it, the story was stuck in my head for a week and it was just a mindf*ck for me. XD

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    1. I agree, I see creepypastas as the 21st century equivalent to urban legends. Candle Cove is disturbing, 1999 and Where The Bad Kids Go, are creepypastas that follow the same sort of theme as Candle Cove.

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