Anime Challenge 2017: 7. Your Anime Crush.

Who would I give my heart to?



Last year, I clearly wasn’t fussy. I basically said that any of the dragon slayers from Fairy Tail has a special place in my heart. Has that changed? I think my post from Sunday may answer that.

Yes, I narrowed it down to Rogue. To me, Rogue seems the more balanced character out of the dragon slayers (apart from Wendy). He has a somewhat dark past and a more darker future. He has a unique form of magic, which in the Grand Magic Games he proved to be a formidable user of. Apart from that his relationship with Sting and Frosch, show that there is a caring person beneath the dark, slightly moody dragon slayer.

So why Rogue and not any of the other male dragon slayers? He has a more mature outlook on life, is focused on his dream of facing Gajeel in battle and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about. What isn’t there to like?

OK, I spilled the beans on my anime crush, now its your turn to come clean!

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