Anime Challenge 2017: 3. Favourite Male Character.

Last year it was Natsu from Fairy Tail but this year, there has been a change!


OK, so it wasn’t a big change. Yes, my favourite male character is Rogue from Fairy Tail. There are a couple of similarities between Rogue and Natsu: both are Dragon Slayers, both have Exceed friends and both are extremely loyal to their friends. But that is where the similarities end. Rogue is far more serious than Natsu and tends to be a bit more focused.

I started to like Rogue towards the end of the Grand Magic Games arc. The way he is protective of Frosch, his Exceed, and the fact that he doesn’t get on with a lot of the members of the Sabre Tooth guild, made him stand out. Plus the episode, Welcome Home, Frosch, if that doesn’t win you over, then there’s something wrong with you.

So there was my favourite male anime character. Do you guys have a favourite? Tomorrow, its the ladies’ turn!


The image of Rogue came from the Fairy Tail wikia.

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