Update: I Finally Did It!

I suspect anyone who has read many of these posts will probably be able to tell what I am referring to. For those who don’t, or those that want confirm their guess is correct, head down to the part where I talk about the games I played this week. Let’s just say I’m glad its over.

What am I reading?

I finished The Rose and The Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan, which somehow managed to be even better than The Crown Tower. As a fan of both Riyria series, I loved the introduction of the young Hilfred, Arista and Alric; as well as getting to see how characters from the first series originally met. After reading The Rose and the Thorn, Royce has certainly become one of my favourite fictional characters and at some point soon, I’ll be picking up the third book in the series. For a change of genre, I’m currently reading a sci-fi classic, Dune by Frank Herbert. Yes, I’m a little late to this party. I’m only a hundred pages in, but so far I am loving it. The best way I can describe it, is it seems to be Game of Thrones in a sci-fi setting. And I love it.


What have I been playing?

OK, I’m guessing some of you maybe be able to tell what I’ve been playing (and finished). Yes, I have finished Mad Max. And I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Although Khinjarsi, who I spent a bit of time yesterday talking about this game, may say I was ranting (thanks for listening, Khinjarsi!). Let’s just say the last third of the game was a bit of a disappointment and highlighted some of the flaws in Mad Max. While I said I was going to 100% complete, I’m going to leave it awhile, as I’m a little tired of the game.

Apart from Mad Max, thanks to Rocco at In the Cubbyhole, I decided to pick up Guild Wars 2 again. Its been a while since I played, so I’ve started a new character and I falling in love with the game, again. Because I’ve spent a lot of time with Guild Wars 2 and Mad Max, I’ve neglected Elder Scrolls Online, so no progress there.

Next week, I’ve probably going to play some shorter games, as well as the 2 MMORPGs I now have on the go.


What am I blogging about?

On this blog, I will have a Top Five list posted on Thursday. I’ll be honest, I actually have two posts in mind either, my favourite Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls games or my favourite anti-heroes from fantasy novels and I’m terrible at making decisions. So I’m going to let you guys choose. Let me know in the poll which you would like to see on Thursday and the most popular one will be the one I publish!


On Friday, I will post my long overdue Mad Max review, which will go more in depth about my mixed feelings of the game.

And that was all for this week. Let me know what you’ve been up to, as I love hearing from you guys!



2 thoughts on “Update: I Finally Did It!

    1. Thanks, I don’t me get wrong, I enjoyed the open world aspect of the game. Unfortunately, while I can overlook gameplay issues, story and characters mean a lot to me, and that is where Mad Max didn’t quite meet expectations.

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