First/Final Impressions: Castlevania.

I have a confession to make: I have never played a Castlevania game. So when I heard that Netflix was going to have a show based on the video games, I thought it was my opportunity to catch up on the lore of Castlevania.

Overall, my impressions of Castlevania is a bit ‘meh’. Over the course of the four episodes, I struggled to connect with any part of the show. I tell a lie, I connected with Dracula. You know, the antagonist of the show. The rest of the characters, I really didn’t get on with. One is a drunken exile, there’s a group of people with a heroic sacrifice complex; members of the Church are portrayed as manipulative thugs and the townspeople are now more than ignorant peasants. So perhaps you can see why Dracula gets my support.


Maybe I am being a little harsh, after all the series consisted of four twenty minute long episodes. Not much really to get people invested in the world and characters. The main problem I have is that the show starts by portraying Dracula as a wronged individual. He has good reason for what he does. Ok, he may have gone a little overboard. But none of the other characters do anything to portray themselves in a better light.

Overall, I think this series is really aimed more at the Castlevania fans, particularly with the ‘reveal’ at the end. Still if you want a brutal show, that makes Attack on Titan look tame, and where you root more for the antagonist than the heroes, then Castlevania maybe for you.










The image of the cast was found on Netflix and  the Castlevania logo came from


3 thoughts on “First/Final Impressions: Castlevania.

  1. The Otaku Judge

    It’s always good when a writer can make the antagonist sympathetic, rather than just evil for evil sake. Sounds like I enjoyed the show more than you did. Then again I am a sucker for brutal action.

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    1. I didn’t mind the brutal action, I just didn’t feel any sort of connection to the protagonists. Maybe the show would appeal more to fans of the video games. Still, I’ll be rooting for Dracula!

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