Update: Be Careful of Things Said In Jest…

Well, my week ended a bit unusually! It started off with me explaining to my mother what Pathfinders is and what an RPG is. I then jokingly so, I should teach her how to roleplay and she actually agreed! Saturday comes around and apparently my dad and my brother also want to take part. I had the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons starter box, which I thought would be the best way to introduce them. It was the most unusual session of D&D I have ever been a Dungeon Master for. Mum was a fighter that didn’t really want to fight anyone, Dad was a cleric who forgot he had healing spells until the end of the encounter and my brother, who was the only one to have ever played D&D before, wanted to set everything in fire. Still, everyone enjoyed themselves, which is the most important. Just be careful of what you say to people!

What am I reading?

I finished The Magicians. The ending took me by complete surprise, in a good way, and has made me consider getting the next book in the series, The Magician King. However the next book, I am about to start, is called Kings of The Wild by Nicholas Eames. Based on the blurb, its about a group of retired mercenaries who reunite for one last job. I’ll let you know I get on with it next week.

What have I been playing?

I’ve been playing a couple of games this week. The first is Mad Max which I’m still trying to finish for the Upon Completion blog, there’s just so much content to get through! The second game is called Guild of Dungeoneering a card based, dungeon crawler. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Finally, yes, I have also played some Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a screenshot of my character:


What am I blogging about this week?

I’ve got two posts this week. The first will be a First/Final impression of Netflix’s new series, Castlevania, that will be posted on Tuesday. On Thursday,  I will have a Recommended Reading post about an alternative for Game of Thrones. Its a bit fifty fifty whether I will have completed Mad Max and write the review this week, but if I do, it will be on the Upon Completion blog on Friday.

So it was a bit of a busy week for me. If you have any stories about playing Dungeons & Dragons, or any other RPG, I would love to read them. Hope you guys have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Update: Be Careful of Things Said In Jest…

    1. It was definitely an experience. And whilst it was a pretty unconventional adventure, everyone had fun. I’ll admit I’ve been a cleric who has refused to heal if someone had done something extremely stupid.

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