Video Game Challenge- 29. A Game You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, But Ended Up Loving.

This is the penultimate post for the video game challenge! And today we are talking about a game that took me by surprise and its actually a game I haven’t talked about in this 30 day challenge. The game that I didn’t think I would like, but I ended up loving- and sinking a lot of hours into, is Stardew Valley.


Yes, Stardew Valley was one of the surprising successes of 2016, that managed to win the hearts of gamers around the world, mine included. So why didn’t I think I would like it? And why did I buy it?!

I didn’t think I would like it because I had tried Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing; and while all those games were OK, they didn’t hold my attention for long. So I guess it was the early game limitations of those games and repetition of some tasks that didn’t keep me engaged. I like said, they are good games, the just didn’t interest me. So why did I buy Stardew Valley? Because it kept getting great reviews and Steam had slashed the price of it at the time Stardew Valley was in my recommendation queue.

I’m not going to go into too much detail as why I love Stardew Valley, if you are interested you can read my Upon Completion review of it. But I will say it is an incredibly detailed game, with so many things to do and many different characters to meet. It isn’t just about farming, there is exploration, foraging, combat and special seasonal events. Stardew Valley is a layered game. Yes, on the surface it is a farming game but look further and you’ll find so much more, which is why I love it.

Have you played a game that you unexpectedly fell in love with? Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of love, tomorrow is the final post and its about my all time favourite game. Bet you can’t guess what its going to be!


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