Video Game Challenge- 12. A Game Everyone Should Play.

OK, I’m just going to come out and say it, Dragon Age: Origins, by Bioware, is the game I think everyone should play, at least once.


Dragon Age: Origins is a great example of fantastic RPG. It has solid story, unique characters and a fleshed out world. You can spend hours in this game, just doing the main story.The game allows you to feel that your actions do matter, from who your allies will be to how your companions feel about you- and whether or not they will stay with you to the bitter end.


And then there is the DLC, which is actually worth buying,as you can see the origin of one of your companions as well as revisit one of the key locations in the game. Overall, Dragon Age: Origins is your story. You create your character, decide their origin story and choose how they will be remembered by the people of Thedas. Your relationships with your companions can give them stat boosts, so spending time with them is worthwhile.

Dragon Age: Origins is an epic game, that demonstrates how roleplaying and storytelling in video games should be done.

Is there a game you think I should play? Let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow, I’ll be admitting which game I’ve played more than five times…


The first screenshot came from and the screenshot of the companions came from the Bioware forum.

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