First Impressions: Attack on Titan

Here are my thoughts on Attack on Titan after watching two episodes.


I can honestly say that Attack on Titan is completely different to any other anime I’ve watched so far, which I know isn’t saying much. t certainly doesn’t waste any time proving it is one of the grimmest anime I’ve seen and seems to be competing with the likes of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones for highest body count. And yet each death is done in such away that it will have an impact rather than just be a moment of gratuitous violence.

That being said it is one of the best animated anime I’ve seen, making great use of fast and slow shots where needed. And then there is the soundtrack, from the opening song to the music within the anime, I haven’t found a piece of music that I didn’t like. And yes, the opening song is very catchy.

Plot wise it is very slow but it is the first two episodes, so a lot of world building was being done. Already there seems to be some element of mystery being woven into the story which is certainly making me want to watch more. Out of the characters, I’m liking Mikasa, while the lead character, Eren is getting on my nerves, as he acts a bit like a brat. But like with the plot, it is early days, so I may grow to like him.

Overall, I’m enjoying Attack on Titan and I will certainly be watching some more episodes. I’m also starting to see why it is popular and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the story arc continues.

Have you seen Attack on Titan? Did you enjoy it or did you think it was overhyped?

6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Attack on Titan

  1. Wrench is probably my least favourite character in this show. While he does improve he kind of embodies everything I dislike about shonen anime protagonists. Glad you enjoyed the first couple of episodes.

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