Humble Monthly November Bundle… Unboxing?!

A slightly late November Humble Bundle unboxing…

1. Broforce.


Broforce reminds me of 80s Hollywood action films and I love it. This is a game, I can see myself playing with my brother and not entirely taking the experience seriously. It definitely looks like the sort of game I would play in between more emotional, plot driven games.


2. Rebel Galaxy.


Another game that I own but haven’t yet played (seriously, I must start playing through my games library…), Rebel Galaxy  is a sci-fi adventure where you are the commander of your own spaceship. It seems to be a pretty open game where you can do whatever you want with some RPG elements. It seems right up my street, so I’m wondering why on earth I haven’t played it yet…


3. Beyond Eyes.


Now we move on to a game with a completely different tone to the first two in this bundle, Beyond Eyes. In Beyond Eyes, you play as Rae, a blind girl, trying to find her lost cat. This is the second time that Humble Bundle has included a game about a young girl trying to find her cat, the first being Fran Bow, so fingers crossed that Beyond Eyes can also tug at the heart strings.


4. Kathy Rain.


Next up, we have one of my favourite kinds of games- a point and click mystery game called Kathy Rain. In the game you play Kathy, a young woman trying to find out what actually happened to her grandfather and to find out what he was investigating. The game looks like it oozes mystery and seems to have a really strong plot, I can’t wait to play this one.


5. Styx: Master of Shadows.


Oops. Another game that I already own… but haven’t played. I guess Styx: Master of Shadows could be described as a cross between Thief, Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed but instead of playing a human, you are playing a Goblin. And with a sequel coming out next year, I suppose I should try and play Styx: MAster of Shadows soon.


6. Stardew Valley.


Yay! A game I already own and I have played it! And I have played it extensively, over 49 hours worth of playtime to be precise. Anyway, Stardew Valley was the revealed game this month and it is a really good game. If you want an in depth review, I wrote one over at Upon Completion, which you can read by clicking here. All I will say is if you like Harvest Moon or a more laid back farming /exploration game, then I suggest you give Stardew Valley a go.


7. Pirate Pop Plus.


Pirate Pop Plus is pirate themed, bubble bursting, arcade game. The screenshots definitely remind me of my old Game Boy games. Unfortunately Pirate Pop Plusdoesn’t really appeal to me, so I might pass on playing this one.


8. Keyboard Sports- The Final Tribute.

The final game is the Humble Original: Keyboard Sports-The Final Tribute.From what I can make out, it is a series of mini games that use only the computer keyboard. Like Pirate Pop Plus, it doesn’t really appeal to me, so I’ll probably skip Keyboard Sports.


And that is the Humble Bundle for November! Despite owning half the games in this bundle, I really liked the collection and I feel I got my money’s worth. What did you guys think about this bundle? Are there any games here that you would like to play? Let me know in the comments!

Until next month, happy gaming!


All images came from each games respective Steam page, which can be found by clicking on each title: BroforceRebel GalaxyBeyond EyesKathy RainStyx: Master of ShadowsStardew ValleyPirate Pop Plus.

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