New Posts.

Hi guys, I thought I’ll give you a quick update on an idea I’ve toying around with for a while. I’m going to do some episode reviews/guides on some TV shows that I like.

To start with, I’m going to write about Once Upon a Time on Wednesdays and Pokemon on Saturdays. I know these are probably two pretty random choices but what can I say? I’m feeling a little nostalgic, thanks to the Anime Challenge, hence the Pokemon choice and who doesn’t love a good retelling of some classic fairy tales? I’ll be re-watching both of the shows from the start, so let the nostalgia fest begin!

Also, for anyone who fears that the Disney Classics Challenge is being neglected, fear not. My computer malfunction means I need to get the disc out of my computer and then I need to locate my external disc drive. So long story short, Bambi will be posted as soon as I can watch it.

That’s all I really wanted to tell you guys. So keep your eye on the blog for the new posts and I’ll talk to you soon!