Anime Challenge- 2. Favourite Anime Watched So Far.

Well this is going to be easy, my favourite anime watched so far is…


Yep, Fairy Tail. I’ll admit I haven’t watched that much anime, which has made my decision easier but Fairy Tail still stands out as my favourite. So what’s it about? The anime focuses on the wizards who belong to the guild called Fairy Tail, mainly Natsu, a dragonslayer; Lucy, a celestial wizard (summoner); Gray, an ice wizard; Erza, a warrior with the ability to summon armour and weapons; and Happy, a talking, flying cat!

I think what initially appealed to me, about Fairy Tail, is the fantasy aspects. The kingdom of Fiyore is filled with magic, and there’s plenty of different types of magic. Then there is the huge cast of characters, enough for everyone watching to have a character that they love rooting for (I won’t tell you mine just yet). Despite the size of the cast, time is given to develop these characters and to show their backstories. And with some of these backstories, Fairy Tail could give Disney a run for its money when it comes to traumatic childhoods.

Overall, the balance of humour, action and seriously emotional scenes is just right, with the characters and plot always evolving. Finally with the way each episode ends, I just can’t help myself but watch just one more episode…



The featured image was found on, while the Fairy Tail image came from The 30 topis in 15 weeks challenge was created by Tess at the All About Anime blog.

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