June’s Reading Round-Up

June has been and gone, so its time for me to fill you guys in on the books I’ve read for the reading challenge!200

The first book I read was The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This is the second 6547260book in the original Mistborn trilogy and I absolutely loved it. It doesn’t suffer the usual second-book-in-a-trilogy curse; where the second book doesn’t live up to the expectations set by the first book, as the it has to set up the events for the final book in the trilogy. I won’t reveal too much about the plot, just in case anyone is still reading The Final Empire, but I will say it picks up a couple of months after the events of The Final Empire and certainly raises the stakes for the characters. Speaking of characters, all of them get time to develop and we get to see the effects that the events of the first book had on them. I’ll warn you now, be prepared of some interesting twists. The Well of Ascension has cemented my opinion that Brandon Sanderson is a fantastic fantasy author and I’ll definitey be reading more of his books in the future.



The next book is The Infernal City by Greg Keyes, which is set in the lands of Tamriel, from the video game series The Elder Scrolls. It appealed to me because I love The elder Scrolls games and I will take any excuse to spend time in that world. Unfortunately, the novel didn’t completely live up to my expectations, I didn’t really connect with any of the characters and I didn’t find the plot that engaging. To be honest, I find a lot of video game related novels a bit hit and miss, The Infernal City is no exception. But I did get to spend time in the word of Tamriel, so it wasn’t all bad. I haven’t been put off the Elder Scrolls novels, so I’ll probably try another one at some point in the future.



The next book probably won’t come as a surprise to any of the regular readers of my 7848363
Reading Round-Up posts, its the seventh volume of the Pokemon Adventures manga. This volume is the end of the original Adventures arc. The finale does not disappoint, as there is a final battle between Lance and Yellow, which is far more dramatic than anything the video games ever portrayed. And yes, I’m going to raise this one last time (at least for now…) the manga, from a plot perspective, is far better than any of the video games. I wish that the game developers would look at what the manga covers and take a leaf out of its book. The manga has more complex characters, with interesting backstories and the plot is darker. I enjoyed the manga story arc and I will definitely be looking at reading the next story arc.



23766623And the final book I read in June was A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, the second book in the Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. I really enjoyed this book, like The Well of Ascension, it avoids the second-book-in-a-trilogy curse and has set the stage for a pretty interest finale. Again, I don’t want to reveal too much about the book , except that it picks up shortly after the events in A Court of Thorns and Roses and really delves into the damage and the aftermath from that book. We also get to see more of the other Fae Courts, as well as more backstory is given for some of the other characters. I only really have a few  small gripes with this book, one I can’t really talk about, without spoiling most of the book; but one of the other points is, why does everyone have to have a depressing backstory? Seriously, no one has had a happy childhood and I think only one character has had a good relationship with one of their parents. The only other gripe is the length of the book. Now I don’t have an issue with a long book, in fact I love them; but only when the book needs to be long and A Court of Mist and Fury didn’t need to be over six hundred pages long. There several chapters that didn’t add anything to the plot or to character development and just slowed the book down. But it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book and I cant wait for the final book to be published to see how the story concludes.

And that concludes my Reading Round-Up for June! So what have you been reading? What are your thoughts on the books I’ve read? If you have suggestions on what I should read next, let me know!



All book cover images were found on goodreads.com. The Gaston and Bell GIF was found on giphy.com.




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