Humble Monthly July Bundle… Unboxing?!

It’s that time again, when the next Humble Monthly Bundle is unlocked. Join me, as we dive into the July Bundle!

1. Kentucky Route Zero.


Kentucky Route Zero is a point and click adventure game from Cardboard Computer. It’s a story about a secret highway under Kentucky and focuses on the people that travel on it. That combined with the unique art style, has me intrigued. Over the course of this year, I’ve fallen in love with the point and click genre, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Fran Bow, so this definitely a game I’ll be playing.


2. Satellite Reign.


Moving from a point and click to a cyberpunk real time strategy game. When I first saw Satellite Reign, I got an immediate Shadowrun vibe, which means I’m already loving this game. Satellite Reign is set in an open world run by mega corporations, which you have to navigate with your team of four agents. Everything about this game looks like it appeals to Shadowrun fans, so I’l be playing this in the future.


3. TIS-100.


On the surface TIS-100 doesn’t look like the sort of game I would play, it’s game where you have to rewrite corrupted code segments. However, TIS-100 was developed by Zachtronics who also developed Infinifactory, a puzzle game about creating production lines in a factory, in space. So, I’ll refrain from judging a book (or game) by it’s cover and I’ll give TIS-100 a go.


4. The Red Solstice.


The Red Solstice is game developed by Ironward, and is set on Mars. You play a space marine trying to find out what happened to the human colonies on Mars during a storm. The Red Solstice can be played co-op with 7 other players. I don’t usually play multiplayer but I might give it a go, since my brother also has a copy of this game.


5. Avernum 2: Crystal Souls.



Moving from a sci-fi game to a fantasy roleplaying one, we have Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. Not a lot is said about the story of Avernum 2 but it set in an underground world and appears to have sort of war going on. I wish that the first Avernumgame had been included, especially if the stories of the games are linked. However the screenshots I’ve seen remind me of the older RPGs, like Baldur’s Gate, so when I’m feeling a little nostalgic I’ll probably play this game.


6. Hurtworld.


What is it with Humble Bundle and multiplayer survival games? Not that I’m complaining, its just that it seems that every month there is a multiplayer survival game included. Hurtworld was the revealed game this month and its all about survival. It is in Early Access, which means I’ll be waiting a little while before trying to play it.


7. Cthulhu Realms.


This next game combines two things I love: card games and Cthulhu. I’m currently obsessing over Chronicle: Runescape Legends (37 hours and counting…) so another card game is definitely welcome. It is a rather new game, which means there aren’t a lot of reviews for it, but I’ll try and review it for the Upon Completion blog. Watch this space!


8. Copoka.


The final game for this month is Coppoka, the Humble Original for the July Bundle. In Coppoka, you play a bird flying above the city of Coppoka. As it’s a Humble Original, it isn’t available on Steam. This looks like its a rather relaxing game and one I may play for a change of pace.

And that’s the games for this month! I think there is a nice mix of genres and I’ll be playing all of these games when I can. So have you guys played any of these games? Which is your favourite?

If you want to subscribe to Humble Monthly Bundle, head over to or come back next month, where I’ll be diving into another virtual box of games!



Screenshots for Kentucky Route Zero, Satellite Reign, Cthulhu Realms, Copoka and TIS-100 where found on The Red Solstice screenshot was taken from Avernum 2: Crystal Souls’ screenshot was taken from it’s Steam store page. Hurtworld’s screenshot was also found on it’s Steam store page.



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