One Short Day… At MCM London Comic Con!


If you caught my status update late Friday, then you’re probably aware that I was going to London Comic Con on Saturday. Well, I survived the masses and I’m back to let you know how I got on!

Firstly, I have to apologise, I forgot to bring a camera (yes, I know, again…) so I don’t have any photos to share but if you visit the official MCM Youtube channel, there are videos of the three days there.

The organisers changed the layout a bit this year, using both sides of the conference centre instead of only one. I learnt from last year and picked up a programme at entrance, rather than wait until the middle of the day to find the stand. This year, one side of the centre was used for a lot of demonstrations and exhibitions, which there appeared to be more of this year. These included a contortionist, an interactive Fear the Walking Dead experience, a giant inflatable monster and a 3d scanner, amongst other things. While there were a few game developers with their games to demo, I didn’t try any this year as none of them really grabbed my attention.

There were alot of different sellers in attendance but I notice there weren’t as many independent sellers as last year- most of the big stand belonged to Bandai, Tokyo Toys and Magic Madhouse (which seemed to be incredibly popular). My personal favourites were Tee Turtle (I love their t-shirts, even if they are a little pricey) and Geeky Clean, a company that sells handmade geeky themed bath and body products, I bought a Pokeball bath bomb from them, which I can’t wait to try out!

As always there were a lot of cosplayers, who I think surpassed the standards of last year. I was able to spot a few Natsus, a Happy and an Erza from Fairy Tale, as well as alot of Mistys from Pokemon. At one point, there was a group of Disney princesses going around, which included Snow White, Elsa and Belle. But my favourites for this year has to be the Komasan and Komajiro from Yo-Kai Watch that I spotted at the entrance of the convention centre.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day and loved hanging out with Khinjarsi and my brother. The money spent on the ticket was worth it and I would recommend to anyone who goes to London MCM Comic Con to buy the priority ticket, which allows you to enter the convention two  hours before the general public. It’s definitely an experience I would recommend people go to and I’ll certainly be attending the next one (either in October or next May, depending on finances). Oh, and don’t forget to bring a camera!







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