First Impressions Of Magic Origins Deck

So I’ve finally gave in and bought an intro deck for Magic the Gatherings new set, Magic Origins. I’ll admit I was curious about this set as it is based on the origin story of the Planeswalkers. The promotional material suggests that this set will give us some backstory- and if you ask anyone who knows me, I love backstory. Seriously, I can put up with broken game mechanics and in the case of video games, glitches and poor graphics for great world building, characters and plot. I would also like to take this moment to point out, I’m not the best or most competitive player. I tend to play only with friends and not at events, so don’t expect analysis of the cards in this set.

Anyways, digression aside, I purchased the Hunting Pack intro deck, mainly because it is green/black deck. I’m a big fan of green decks as it usually matches my play style of slowly building strength in a long game. However I don’t usually play black, so this could be an interesting experience and I can’t wait to see how these two colours complement each other. I haven’t had a chance to play the deck yet but on first glance it looks like an interesting and balanced deck. It’s also made up of mostly elves. Elves are one of my favourite fantasy races, along with dragons (wow, you guys are earning a lot about me in this post!) So overall this deck looks like it was a great purchase. There are a couple of cards I may change out but I’ll wait to see how the deck plays before making changes.

That’s about it for this post, I’ll keep you guys posted on how I do with this new deck!


Thero’s Top Five First Generation Pokemon

In the late nineties, Pokemon became a craze in the UK, to the point where in some schools the Pokemon cards were banned. Since much of my childhood was in the nineties, I have been a fan of Pokemon since the first generation (I bet you can guess where this going from the title…). Today, I thought I’d share my favourite first generation Pokemon, so let’s catch ’em all!

  1. Eevee

Let’s start with my favourite Pokemon, Eevee! Ever since the first generation of Pokemon, Eevee, has had a special place in my heart and with every new Pokemone game, I go out of my way to find an Eevee. I know as a Normal type Pokemon, Eevee doesn’t           appear to be the strongest Pokemon but it’s the only Pokemon that can evolve into so many different types of Pokemon from Electric to Psychic to even Fairy! I believe that the   Pokemon franchise will only stop when no one can think of any more evolutions for Eevee. And also Eevee is clearly the cutest Pokemon!

  1. Charmander

When playing the Pokemon video games, I actually have a strategy when picking my starter  Pokemon- pick the cutest because it always turns out to be the strongest. This is completely true with Charmander, who evolves into Charizard, a fire/dragon Pokemon. Admittedy in the early games, Charmander has a tough time at the beginning but it paid off choosing him in the long run. And just look at him, how could you not choose him?

  1. Ponyta

Yes, it’s another Fire type but there is a good reason! Ponyta is on this list because it was the first trading card I received (yes, a very sentimental reason but still a good reason!) and like Eevee and go out of my way to catch one in the Pokemon games. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to own a horse with a mane of fire?

  1. Haunter

Some readers may have just have had to read that fourth entry but you read it right,           Haunter is my fourth favourite Pokemon. It started with the TV episode, Haunter vs.           Kadabra, in which Haunter helps Ash win a gym badge and then in the video games, as a Ghost type, Haunter is a strong Pokemon and was difficult to get in the first generation       games, as you could only catch it in the creepy Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

  1. Pidgeotto

Finally, last but by no means least is Pidgeotto, the evolved form of Pidgey. While this        Pokemon is not the hardest Pokemon to catch, it was one of a few Pokemon that could be taught the Hidden Move, Fly. Pidgeotto was also one of the first Pokemon I was introduced to, thanks to the TV show.

So there you have it, my top five favourite first generation Pokemon. With 150 (or 151, if you want to be picky) there were a lot to choose form, so a special mention must be given to Cubone, Lapras, Raichu, Vulpix and Arcanine. I hope you guys enjoyed the list and feel free to tell me what your favourite first generation Pokemon is!

In her quest to catch ’em all, Thero found these pictures of her favourite Pokemon on:

Don’t worry- Thero’s not dead!

I guess apologies are in order, I know, I’m a terrible person for keeping this blog up to date. But now I’m back and I promise to post a bit more regularly from now on. I’ll be looking to post at least once a week, most likely on Sundays.

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