MCM Comic Con!

On Saturday I went to my first ever Comic Con in London! As I’ve never been to a convention before I didn’t know what to expect, but I went away from the day loving every minute of it (and a purse that felt slightly lighter…). My highlights of the day were seeing the incredible cosplay costumes, being able to play a demo of Lego Jurassic World and being able to get a plush Happy from Fairy Tail!


Since this was my first convention, I have a learnt a number of things which will help me the next time I go. And in no particular order they are:

  1. Priority tickets are worth the price. The couple of hours you get allows you to scout out the place and  gives you a chance to check out the more popular displays ahead of the crowd.
  2. Programme guides are vital. This should have been an obvious one, but we didn’t pick ours up until a couple hours into the convention, which means we missed out on some the panels and displays. Plus it had a really handy map.
  3. Be aware that some things will be incredibly popular. We were glad we had a go on the Lego Jurassic World demo when we did, as later on the area was packed.
  4. Some sellers sell the same thing. There were a lot of sellers selling items like Funko Pop figures, so make sure to shop around and get the best price.
  5. And finally, the convention centre gets really, really hot, so make sure you don’t dress for winter and bring/buy plenty of water.

I definitely would recommend going to Comic Con and I would certainly go again. If you missed the MCM Comic Con in London this time, it will be back in October so keep an eye on the website:

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