Oh, I Just Can’t Wait…

To tell you where I’ve been!

Wow. That was way more corny on screen that it was in my head… Anyways, this is just a really quick post, since I’m still hyped about yesterday. Hyped about what? I hear the voices in my head say. Well, I went to London with a friend of mine and we saw the Lion King in the West End (I an hear the groans now, as someone gets the title of this post…).

And let me cut right to the chase, it was completely worth it. To be honest, I don’t think I could really do the musical justice but let me say, if you love the Lion King or musicals in general, you really should see this show. I can’t really fault the show at all, the costumes were amazing; the additional songs fit in with the ones taken from the film and the adaptation of the scenes from film were incredible (seriously the stampede scene was really well done). Like I said before, the Lion King surpassed my expectations and I left the theatre feeling very nostalgic.

OK, I can see this post sounds very gushy and perhaps a little bit hyper but you know what? Hakuna Matata. 🙂

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